Accenture South Africa Education Trust: Scholarship 2021 (Fully Funded)

Accenture South Africa Education Trust Scholarship 2021 (Fully Funded)

Scholarship Provider: Accenture
Application Deadline: 15 August 2020
Academic Year: 2020 / 2021
Study in: South Africa

Accenture South Africa Education Trust invites students to apply for Scholarships 2021.

Accenture, through its independent Education Trust, helps economically disadvantaged students with strong academic backgrounds to further their studies at tertiary institutions in South Africa.
If you are you a high achiever in your second, third, fourth or Honours year of study, we want to hear from you.

Scholarship cover the following:

Successful candidates will receive a full scholarship. The bursary programme covers the following expenses: registration fees, tuition fees, examination fees, meals, residence, book allowance for prescribed books and a laptop. In addition, the scholarship is backed up by ongoing mentorship.

Applications will be considered from students who wish to major in one of the following disciplines at one of the universities listed below.

Degree courses and universities

Degree coursesUniversities
BSc in Computer ScienceUniversity of Cape Town
BCom or BSc in Informatics or Information SystemsUniversity of Johannesburg
BCom or BSc (Eng) in Information Technology + BITUniversity of Pretoria
BEng or BSc (Eng) in ComputerRhodes University
BEng or BSc (Eng) in Electrical (Light Current)University of the Western Cape
BEng or BSc (Eng) in ElectronicUniversity of the Witwatersrand
BEng or BSc (Eng) in Information
BEng or BSc (Eng) in Industrial

How to apply

Download Accenture South Africa Education Scholarship Application Form here

Applications must be sent to: [email protected]

For more information on the Accenture South Africa Education Scholarship, please email us [email protected] or call us on Contact number: (+27) 012 6222441